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Welcome to the Natural Cat Vet! My name is Dr. Angie, and I am here for you and your kitty. I have created a place just for cats and the people that love them. It’s time that your kitty has a community of advocates. I am an integrative veterinarian who uses both traditional and alternative therapies to help kitties live healthier and happier lives. 

Cats have been treated like small dogs and second-class citizens for far too long! While dogs are cool, they are not like cats at all. This is just about cats! Kitties are all too often mislabeled as antisocial, too independent, or aloof. 

Not here! You have entered a space that understands your cat. I know your cat has complex emotions and needs. Your cat is a beautiful sentient being who is an important part of your family and life. They give so much love and positivity, and frankly, they deserve more than they have been receiving. 

Join me in creating a better life for your kitty because they create a better life for you!

Here, at Natural Cat Vet, you will find:

  • My favorite supplements to aid in your kitties’ health.
  • Courses to help you navigate your kitty’s complex health issues such as kidney disease, cystitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and much more.
  • A community of like-minded cat people to support you in your journey with your kitty.

Here is the best way to get started!

  1. Take the quiz! You can tell me exactly what you need help with and I can get you the information you need ASAP. 
  2. After you take the quiz, I will send you an email telling you how you can join the Natural Cat Vet community for free. 
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