About Dr. Angie

When Angie was 3 years old, living in Kansas, her mother brought home two black kittens from the humane society. Angie named her kitten, Pinky, after her favorite color. At the kitten’s first vet visit, Angie knew immediately that this is where she was meant to be. Angie was focused on becoming a veterinarian for the next 23 years. She worked hard to get good grades in school and gained admission to Texas A&M University, College of Biomedical Science. She studied diligently and obtained one of the few seats as an out of state student in the College of Veterinary Medicine.

During her first week of veterinary school, her mother, Lisa, was diagnosed with melanoma, and died four months later. Angie has dedicated her career and the creation of Natural Cat Vet to her mother. Lisa was her favorite cat person and Angie would not be helping so many animals without her loving and supportive influence.

During veterinary school Angie sought out education and guidance around integrative therapies. In the early 2000’s there was very little support of alternative therapies in veterinary colleges. At that time, behind closed doors, the veterinary anesthesiologists were providing acupuncture for pain relief.

In 2007, Angie graduated veterinary school and moved to Denver where she pursued work in canine rehabilitation. She studied with physical therapists and learned more about physical medicine. At that time, few kitties were benefiting from physical therapy. That has surely changed! She began her study of Chinese medicine and began incorporating acupuncture and herbs in her practice. After spending a few years in rehabilitation, Angie began working with cats and dogs in private practice . She worked in both traditional and integrative clinics performing surgery and practicing medicine. After becoming a mother, Angie started her mobile veterinary practice, Boulder Holistic Vet.

Over the years, Angie has incorporated integrative therapies with her traditional medicine foundation. She believes in using diagnostics and therapies that best improve her patients’ lives. For some diseases, traditional diagnostics and therapies are superior, while other diseases are best treated with alternative therapies. Angie believes that most symptoms and disease processes benefit from a balanced approach using both types of therapies.

Angie relies heavily on diet and puts an emphasis on her patients’ mental health to create a strong foundation. She loves to treat cats with kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease, cystitis, asthma, arthritis and anxiety. Angie enjoys finding a creative and individual approach for each kitty she sees.

Angie is a dedicated cat lady. She is a single mother to two daughters and lives with her rescued kitties, Fritz and Fiona. In her spare time she climbs rocks and frozen waterfalls in the US and all over the world.