A Holistic Approach to Asthma (Pre-Recorded)


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Here’s one thing you should know…

Coughing is never normal for cats. Never!

Unfortunately, coughing is really common in cats. 😔

That’s because asthma is a very common inflammatory condition in cats. You may see your cat coughing or they may have a full on asthma attack. When this happens, it can feel really scary.

If you have a cat with asthma, are concerned your cat has asthma, or you are simply a cat parent looking to expand your education on cat health as a form of preventative care, my  Holistic Approach to Asthma class is for you.

In this pre-recorded class, I discuss:

  • The in’s and out’s of asthma.
  • Most common symptoms of asthma.
  • How and when asthma is diagnosed.
  • Holistic treatments for asthma.